My Story

As a child I realised that I had psychic awareness when I experienced Spirit visiting me often in my dreams. I was unaware at the time that many of these dreams were predictions of future and past lives.

During my divorce, I studied a counselling course which produced an understanding of myself and my goals in life and started me on my spiritual journey. I also studied at The Psychic College in London and went onto do various workshops and courses.

I have been working as a Clairsentient Tarot reader for over 10 years. I have the ability to feel, sense and visualise what is given to me by a higher source, Spirit. As well as Tarot, I work with Psychometry, Dream Interpretation, Angelic Reiki and Spiritual Therapy.

My Experience

I have recently trained with Anne Jirsch, the world leading expert in Past Life Regression and pioneer of a new and exciting technique of Future Life Progression. This technique enables you to act now to change your Destiny.

My passion is to help people discover their ‘Inner Self’, to create their ideal life and a self belief in all areas, such as: Relationships, Work , Finance and more. I always work in truth, honesty, trust and positivity. As Buddha said: “Awake; Be the witness of your thoughts. You are what observes, not what you observe”. I WORK FROM BOREHAMWOOD & WILL ALSO TRAVEL.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available and loyalty cards for sessions. When the loyalty card is complete, it will entitle you to a free session of anything on offer.