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Some Qualites that make a good Psychic

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What makes some people more psychic than other people/ Here are some of the answers:

Intuition: Do you trust your own intuition? Most of this is gained clairvoyantly. For example, do you finish people’s sentences off, do you pick their thoughts up/ or even know who is ringing you before you answer.

Sensitivity: Do you hurt easily. Psychics tend to be very sensitive and are often influenced by other people`s moods. Often we can pick up on how others are feeling.
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Formatting your Dream Journals

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Dream journals are personal and all your own. I suggest having two sections, one where you record dreams, and another where you list your common symbols, recurring themes, anything extraordinary that occurs, etc.

This will be your own window into your soul, and developing your own personal dream dictionary of sorts is far more effective than using a standard dream dictionary. Although some meanings are somewhat universal, that isn’t necessarily true. Read More