Spiritual Therapy can get to the very root of the problem. Using intuitive psychic ability, I can find the patterns of negative energy, whether in past, present or future lives and, through the Higher Self, remove or “clears” this energy from your Akashic Records, to release pain and restore harmony. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life.

Through Spiritual Therapy, we can research and clear old vows, past life programming, repeat patterning etc and remove and clear the blocks. When soul records contain onlypositive energies you can move forward in all areas – still having to face life’s challenges because your soul continues to learn and grow – but being able to deal with them much more easily.

Following a clearing and as consciousness begins to change, people can experience different things. Some feel euphoric, some very tired, some have a physical clearing and some feel nothing at all! However, all of these are normal reactions to a very powerful and wonderful process. Whatever you experience will be right for you.

On a spiritual level all manner of things will have happened and that very soon you will begin to notice the effects of the clearing work, including increased focus and clarity, finding your voice, more nergy, better health, better relationships, etc.