• You relax either sitting or lying down.
• I either position my hands gently touching or slightly above your body, whatever you prefer.
• I follow a procedure which connects us at a soul level, and opens the channel for healing energy to flow to you form Angels and other spirit guides and helpers.
• The Angelic energy heals through all incarnations, dimensions, planets and realities.
• You may experience tingling and warmth in your body. You may also become dreamy and receive information about your healing in the form of visuals, memories and a sense of knowing.
• You may feel moved by the presence of Angelic energy, or you may fall asleep!
• At the end of the session any information that either of us received can be discussed.
• An Angelic Reiki session lasts for approximately 1 hour.

• I arrange a time when you can be relaxed, either sitting or lying down.
• I carry out the healing just as though you were there for me.
• Afterwards we can share the experience by phone or email.
• A distant Angelic Reiki session lasts approximately 30 minute.