What makes some people more psychic than other people/ Here are some of the answers:

Intuition: Do you trust your own intuition? Most of this is gained clairvoyantly. For example, do you finish people’s sentences off, do you pick their thoughts up/ or even know who is ringing you before you answer.

Sensitivity: Do you hurt easily. Psychics tend to be very sensitive and are often influenced by other people`s moods. Often we can pick up on how others are feeling.

Creativity: A large number of Psychics are creative. Researchers have found that they psychics prominently use the righthand side of the brain as this is the side responsible for intuition.

Perceptions: Do you see bright lights around you? If you do then you can see the aura which is a magnetic field that changes with our moods. You are very psychic if you do and this brings a greater awareness of colour than most people.

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