Fly in the sky, fly with the birds, fly with the angels that you have heard. Singing in your blissful ear, telling you to have no fear. For there is a land far away, for you to get to one lucky day. Where smiles are seen and dreams come true, all because it is you!

Soul to Soul, Ashes to Ashes, In your mind you may see flashes, don’t be alarmed, don’t be scared, it is only a way to get you prepared, for things you think are difficult to believe, and without you knowing what can be achieved!

With a chill on your neck and cool breeze through your hair, everything is simple all seems so fair. With a bright burning flame in the midst of the night, burning around you with no other light, life seems a struggle you will have to fight.

You can be good, you can be bad, you can be happy, you can be sad, you can do right, you can do wrong, you can try and be strong. Believe in yourself, try not to breakdown, the strength inside you should not let you down.

Take a special memory box lock everything away, and when one day you open it you will be blown away.
Memories are all you have its really sad to say, but if you keep them long enough they’ll come alive one day

People come and people go, but in your mind you always no, the ones that mean the most to you, will find the strength to help you through. They may be lost for a time, stay positive and you will find, the special ones will reunite, and the smile on your face will shine so bright.

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