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Explore your journey with a gifted clairvoyant. Based in Borehamwood covering Barnet, Middlesex, Harrow and across the UK. 


A genuine psychic is someone who has extrasensory perception (ESP). He or she has the ability to 'read' or sense things that most of us are unable to pick up. Clairvoyance is the capacity to 'see' visions and describe people and places; clairaudience is the ability to 'hear' information, and clairsentience is the ability to feel emotionally and physically.
These develop differently in psychic individuals, and many specialise in one or two methods. In this way, they can "read" what is around them, as well as what might be, will be, and has been. I'm a professional tarot reader and tend to use a few tarot cards, however, my spirit guides communicate the information to me.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot


 I provide private tarot readings to help many people on their careers, families, and love life. I have alternatives available for everyone, both online and in person. I can arrange a session on Zoom, WhatsApp and face-to-face. Contact me today if you're feeling stuck in a part of your life and need to take a step.

Tarot Reading: Services

"Be kind to your soul. It is the only thing we enter and leave the earth plane with. Our soul never lets us down."

J Gayle

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"As my first time experiencing a reading, I couldn't have asked for it to be more relaxed and welcoming. Jan is lovely and knew things that were personal. I have very high hopes! Thank you, Sian xx"

Sian B.

Tarot Reading: Testimonials
My purpose at Divine Karma is to connect you with my energy for meaningful readings that can help you on your life's journey. If you're looking for a professional tarot reader, call or text me at 07956 873355 today to make an appointment.
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